Two employees walking at a Marathon Oil facility


Working with Marathon Oilsuppliers

Our Global Supply Chain organization obtains goods and services from outside vendors that align with ourCode of Business Conduct,and demonstrate compliance with applicable safety,environmental and transportation laws and regulations.

Successful supplier candidates should:

  • Be financially viable
  • Be competitive and have "value added" technical,cost or service advantages
  • Be ethical,with high health,environment,safety and security standards
  • Understand Marathon Oil's business
  • Follow ISO or others appropriate industry procedures and processes
  • Have timely and accurate electronic invoice submission processes

Required Supplier Onboarding

All new Marathon Oil suppliers are required to complete the Supplier Training Registration Form and associated video:

Supplier Training Registration Form

Supplier Training Video

Supplier hotline

Questions regarding outstanding invoice status should be directed to the Marathon Oil Supplier Hotline:

PHONE: 866-323-1836

In the UK,use either 808-234-2552 (BT tel.carrier) or 800-068-9831 (MCL tel.carrier).

Our values

Our people and workplaces are safe
We're committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces where our employees,contractors and others involved with our 188体育比分operations can work in a secure setting,free of injury or illness.

Our 188体育比分operations are clean
We conduct 188体育比分operations in a manner designed to protect the environment and will work to minimize wastes,emissions and other releases in all of our activities.

We practice responsible action wherever we work
We strive to be a good corporate citizen wherever we operate,in accordance with our corporate social responsibility position statement.We maintain high ethical standards,support bet188官网sustainable business practices,and prepare for and respond accordingly to emergencies that may occur.

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